Email Log-in Requirement

All events require an email address to gain access to the images. Events that require a password should have been provided by the photographer/studio.

Your email is used as a way to retain items to your shopping cart and log-in information. Any and all items, added to your cart, will be automatically saved. At any point, prior to the event's off line date, returning to the event will recall your cart, just as it was left. Items placed in the cart will be saved until you delete an item (or items), place an order, or will be completely deleted when the event is no longer available online. We understand the importance of privacy and that your email will not be used by any third party, nor will you be contacted about anything unrelated to this site and/or your specific event. This site will time out if there is an inactivity period of six hours. If this occurs, you cart will be retained automatically (as described above).

Tool Bar

Createdfor easy navigation. See below for definitions of toolbar icons.

How to Place an Order

Simply click on an image and select from the menu, as shown below.

Button Options
Add Photo to Cart:
As shown in the third slide above, this is the quickest way to add to the cart without any editing.
Edit Photo:

Below, you will find a sample of the Edit Window. Change tone, size, crop, etc.

Email Photo to a Friend:
Click this to let your friends and family know the images from the event are available for viewing and ordering. If the event required a login password, the email will automatically include that information. Be sure to fill out recipient(s) email address correctly. You will not receive a notice if an email address was incorrect and undeliverable.
View Photo Larger:
Shows a large version of the file to view for detail.
Add Photo as Favorite:
Click to add images to a place where you and other customers of the same event can view each otherís favorite photos. Your default favorites list is named "My Favorites".
Add Photo to Project:
Adding an image to a project creates a personal storage area for you to create your own lists of photos. Multiple projects can be created.
Create a Card:
Select to order photographic, flat and folder cards. Choose your template, add a message and crop your photo. Enter the quantity and add to your cart. The minimum order is 25 cards. If you re-edit from the cart, some editing options are reset (i.e. your message), so make sure that you check your order within the Card Builder window.