Welcome to myEventOrder.com!

MyEventOrder.com was created to make it easy for you to browse images and purchase photographic prints from an event or studio session. The following information will be helpful in creating a wonderful experience while visiting the site. You may contact us at any time via the "Contact mEO" link or, to contact the studio/photographer directly, use the "Contact Studio" link if you are currently viewing an event.

What are the Recommended Internet Browsers?

We recommend the most current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.

Why is there an Email Log-In Requirement?

First, let us state that we understand the importance of privacy and that your email will not be shared. Your email address will provide identification for your Shopping Cart so you can close the viewing/ordering session and return later with items still in your cart. A friendly email reminder pertaining to your cart items is sent within a couple of days, along with notifications about the event's online availability. Periodically, an email may be sent out from the event's professional photography studio regarding the specific event that you visited.

Print Sizes, are these exact?

The 2-up and 4-up wallet products are 2.5"x3.5" for each wallet and are printed on the same sheet. The 8-up wallet product is 8 die cut prints, each 2.25"x3.25" with rounded corners. The 3x5 size is 3.5"x5". All other sizes available for purchase are the same size as listed.

What are the uniquely named prints sizes?

There are many options for studios to sell their work online. Some have unique product names, defining something special or unique about them. (Note that it is up to the studio to sell specific products and the list below may not be available for purchase).

Below are some examples of uniquely named print sizes and definitions:

  • Masterpiece: A Masterpiece print undergoes the full gamut of artistic care, resulting in a gallery quality image. Enhancements include retouching, blemish removal, tonal adjustments, sharpening, texturizing, dodging and burning, etc.
  • Pano: A long horizontal print, typically 2-4 times longer than the height
  • Metallic: A unique photographic paper that has a very high gloss and "metallic-y" sheen
  • Packs: A series of different sized prints of the same image
  • Gallery Wrap: A canvas print, wrapped around 1.5" stretcher bars, ready to hang

What is Your Return Policy?

All orders placed are considered custom per your specifications. Once you submit your order, all sales are final and may not be changed or returned for a refund. However, there is a ten (10) day period from the delivery date to notify the Studio directly if the order is incorrect or damaged by the delivery service.

Why does the Illinois State Sales Tax show up on my Checkout page - I don't live in Illinois!

Prior to collecting customer addresses and payment information, this site generates a Checkout page which displays order totals including a line that says "Tax (Illinois only)". Once your order is completed and your address and billing information has been submitted, the tax will be removed for non-Illinois residents. This will be reflected on your final receipt.

What type of payment is accepted?

Generally, we accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express (depending upon the hosting photographer/studio).

Any other payment considerations?

Prepaid and Gift Cards are not accepted due to our card verification system requiring billing addresses. We highly advise that you do not even attempt to use a Prepaid or Gift Card, as any attempt to use this type of card to pay for your order will (1) be declined, and (2) attempted amounts of funds being authorized will be frozen on the card, even if it gets declined. Releasing funds back to the card is done by the card's issuing bank only, and can take up to 4 weeks to process. We have no control of these funds.

Please note that your billing address must match the credit card's billing address (including the street address and zip code) or you will be declined due to our verification process. Do not add spaces or dashes when inputting credit card information. The card number, CVV, and your expiration date must all match the card. If any of your information is incomplete or incorrect, you will be required to fix the area prior to a successful purchase. (Please note that a separate credit card authorization will occur each time you click the Send Order button, regardless of issue, so take your time and make sure you input all of your information correctly the first time. If there were multiple attempts to send in an order, only the last successful credit card authorization will be charged. All previous authorizations (or pending charges as some banks call them) from prior attempts will disappear once your card's issuing bank releases the authorization(s), typically between 5 and 10 business days.)

Once you click Send Order a small confirmation window will appear showing the amount that will be authorized and charged to your credit card. Once your order has been successfully placed, a receipt is immediately generated. Do not hit your browser's back button! If you would like to view the event again, use the link to return to the event. An email confirmation is sent within one minute. You can expect delivery of your custom order within two weeks.